5 motivation tips to a clean and tidy home 🏡

As a mum to 2 boys who works full time in a job that at times can be demanding, keeping myself motivated to get my home clean and tidy can be a struggle. To come home after a long day at work to chores that need doing is sometimes hard to motivate myself to do. But I always see the brighter side in things and for the feeling I get of a positive start to a new day just from waking up to a clean and tidy home outweighs any negatives. I thought I would share with you a few of my tips on how I manage to keep on top of my home.

Tip 1- Everything has a home

My first tip to get everywhere tidy may seem an obvious one but if everything has a home then it makes tidying up so much easier. It’s the things that lie around without a home which can make a room look messy. My blankets in the living room are rolled into a basket. My keys live in a tray inside a specific drawer. The kids teddy bears that sit on the bed in the day, go in a pop up laundry basket at night. Everything must have a home otherwise it will just move from one place to another

Tip 2- Set a timer

This is one of my favourite things to do. My Alexa device is my best friend when it comes to cleaning. Not only does she keep me company playing music, but she keeps me on my toes. I will ask her to set a timer, whether thats 10 minutes for a quick tidy or an hour to do a clean. Its amazing how much you can get done when a timer is set. I think the competitiveness in me feels like I’m racing the clock and the satisfaction of what you can do in such a short time is amazing. If you don’t have an Alexa device, the timer on your mobile phone is just as effective.

Tip 3- Watch cleaning videos

Until last year, I did not even know this was a thing. People (including myself) share their videos of cleaning. You get to see a room transformed in such a short time and then when the video finishes you will look around your own room with a goal to tackle the mess. They can also inspire you to try new cleaning products and you may find something new that you will love to use. Through a Youtube cleaning video, I found the product Method and the kitchen Rhubarb Method spray is now my favourite kitchen product and its so much more environmentally friendly then other leading products.

Tip 4- Use the time you think you don’t have

Are you reading this vlog on your phone? How much time have you spent on your phone today? I used to feel that I didn’t have time to do things but then one day I found myself scrolling through Facebook and thought to myself… “I’ve scrolled for the sake of scrolling!” I didn’t even realise I grabbed my phone and clicked into the app – the modern world now has that effect on us. If I feel like I have been on my phone too much I move my apps around on my screen. It sounds like a crazy tip right? But, I found that if I move my apps around I have to take the auto pilot mode from my brain and use it to find the app. That would then get me thinking about why I’m searching for it and actually motivate me to put my phone down and do something productive instead.

Tip 5- Have fun cleaning

Cleaning is not everyone’s bucketful of fun. That’s why you need to change the mindset of it being a chore to it being productive whilst having fun on the way. You can put some music on, play an audio book, listen to a podcast, watch a Youtube video, phone a friend or a relative. The things that you can actually do thanks to technology today whilst you clean is endless.

I love organising whilst I’m cleaning for that extra satisfaction at the end

I hope these tips help you find a bit of routine. My final point to make is to accept that nobody is perfect. There are the odd times where I will have a messy home due to pure exhaustion but when I do, I go to bed to let my body rest and let my mind know that after a good night’s sleep I will tackle the new day with a fresh start and get back on top of things.

Stay safe,

Michelle xoxo

Published by Michelle Osgood

I'm a mum to 2 boys, Ashley and Jack. I have been with my fiancé, Shawn for 17 years (7 of those engaged and yet to set a date to get married). I work full time and I run a small youtube channel under the name Michelle Osgood

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